About us

Our Working process

At our company we operate our business in 3 phases which are explained below


This is the phase where you contact us and inform us about the nature of our services you are interested in .


In this phase we reaveal your bill to you and inform you about the method of payment which will be applied to you .


This is the phase where we deliver the deliverables of the process to you which includes usernames,passwords,screenshots depending on the nature of the job.

Try out our Family package in order to keep an eye on your children to sheild them from the horrors of the internet.

Who is the family package for?

It is for people that want to keep an eye on their children and spouses and monitor what they are up to on their phones

We look forward to working with you

We are always pleased to collect your request and work for you.

What they say
about us

Here are some feedbacks from our clients showing that they are pleased and satisfied to work with us

Testimonial author

James foster

Their response was very fast and lead me to figure out that my wife was cheating on me all along
Testimonial author

James Smith

I keep my children away from pornographic contents on the web thanks to them. they are the best. the app works tooo
Testimonial author

Jannette Connor

Recovered my instagram account from hackers thanks to them
Testimonial author

Amy wright

New zealand
The app is such a lifechanger since I bought it form them I see every activity of my girlfriend
Testimonial author

Mitchel Jock

Their service was the best . Took a leap of faith by hiring them . But i never regrettet it
Testimonial author

James FOXX

Best hackers on the internet